Teach Yourself Shorthand (printed in London, 1943 and 1944)

The latest addition to my collection.

The book is subtitled "An Exposition of the Gregg System for Self Tuition", and is authored by Ernest W. Crockett and F Addington Symonds.

It is very obviously an expansion of the earlier New Rapid Course (by 70 pages), which I mentioned in an earlier post (http://greggshorthand.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/gregg-shorthand-new-rapid-course-1940.html).

Regarding Mr Crockett, I forgot to mention in the earlier post that Dr Gregg says in the preface: "I have pleasure in acknowledging that the credit for preparing this Manual is due very largely to Mr E. W. Crockett, Secretary of The Gregg Publishing Company Limited."

The Teach Yourself series of books is alive and well here in the UK; their current Teach Yourself Shorthand is the Pitman 2000 system; this is worth a read as it reminds you why you chose to learn Gregg Shorthand instead...