Help Wanted

I have received a request via e-mail from a current Gregg student who wants help. She is taking a class online, but she's having a hard time. Below is her email:

"I am taking a Gregg Shorthand class online, but I am getting lost trying to understand how to translate the symbols. I was wondering if there is anyone that could provide assistance as far as helping me learn so that I can do well in my course?"

In a further email exchange, she told me that she's learning Centennial with a professor, but she feels lost. If someone is interested in helping her out, let me know and I can put you in contact with her. My thinking is that she's probably going over the lessons too quickly. (Unfortunately, I'm over-committed so I cannot help her directly.) Hopefully someone will come to the rescue. This is a good opportunity to use your shorthand knowledge!

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