Questions about the earliest Manuals

First question:

Dr Gregg’s the first version of his shorthand (1888) was in two parts and in separate pamphlets:

“The Phonetic Handwriting”
“The Reporter's Handbook”.

The second version (1893) was also in two parts and pamphlets:

“The Elements”
“The Reporting Style”.

I have seen PDF copies of these except for “The Reporter’s Handbook”. I wanted to know if a PDF copy of this pamphlet exists anywhere?

Second question:

I am confused about the dates of the third and fourth versions.

In various places, I have seen both 1897 and 1898 for the third version, and for the fourth version 1901, 1902 and 1908.

Do these differing dates refer to prints rather than editions, or were there delays involved as with the Anniversary Edition, or is there some other reason?


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