You'd think I'd learn

If using AbeBooks, always contact the seller and confirm the exact and full book title.

Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, Teachers Handbook
is not the same as
Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, Home Study Edition

(The Home Study Edition is a paperback, 1956, plates by C Radar. Content is similar to the regular manual, with 70 chapters, with enlarged samples for penmanship starting with lesson 24, but no little essay every 6 lessons, and no charts, and no transcripts. Certainly not the speed goals or "write this 10 times" instructions I'd expect from a home study book. So, it fails as a home study book.)

The bookseller offered to refund, and sent a American prepaid merchandise return label, but since I'm in Canada it does me no good. Spend $10 to get back the original $5 plus $10 shipping? Not worth it.

(The Teachers Handbook is normally $35, or even $100, so $5 would have been a good bargain.)

This happened to me before with a different Gregg book, and I didn't learn. Minimum wage employees do the inventory, and it takes a certain personality to check all the way to the 5th word in a book title.

Maybe this time the lesson will sink in.

(Anyone in Canada want the Home Study Edition?)