28 April 2014


Transcription If anyone wants to transcribe the attached poem and send it to lsurridg@uvic.ca , please feel free.  I could read the first few lines and th...

14 April 2014


Transcription Hi everybody: I will be thankful if anyone can help me with the transcription of this text written in Gregg. Thanks in advance, Osvaldo...

07 April 2014

Need Info from Gregg Writer December 1922

I am working on an index of all of the serialized shorthand stories in the Gregg Writer magazine.  The spreadsheet is mostly complete. I wil...

04 April 2014


Hello, In Simplified shorthand manual (basic, first edition), chapter 1, lesson 5 - there is something that I cannot interpret properly ...

01 April 2014

The Road to Success

This essay written in Anniversary was published in the April 1939 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: the-road-to-success.pdf

Keepers of the Light

This story written in Anniversary was serialized in the February to April 1939 of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: keepers-of-the-light.pdf

The Hard-Hearted Mr. Hanna

This story written in Simplified appeared in the April 1956 issue of Today's Secretary. Attachment: the-hard-hearted-mr-hanna.pdf

Penmanship Practice - April 2014

Penmanship Practice - April 2014 From the April 1939 issue of The Gregg Writer. Click here for a full view.