10 May 2014

Frick and Vietti, take and make

In Frick and Vietti's /Talk and Take Gregg Shorthand/, on the last page headed "Short Forms for High Speed Writing" there are ...

01 May 2014

The Way to Wealth

This essay by Benjamin Franklin was written in Pre-anniversary Gregg and appeared in the December 1921 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachme...

Webster's Political Suicide

This article by the Rev. Thomas B. Gregory was originally written in March 7, 1850, as a reaction to a speech by Daniel Webster, Senator fro...

May is Building Her House

This selection written in Pre-anniversary Gregg appeared in the May 1917 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: may-is-building-her-house...

Paula Revere!

This entertaining story written in Simplified appeared in the May 1956 issue of Today's Secretary. Attachment: paula-revere.pdf

Penmanship Practice - May 2014

Penmanship Practice - May 2014 From the May 1917 issue of The Gregg Writer. Click here for a full view.