Omission of minor vowels - Simplified

There have been several posts here concerning the omission of minor vowels in Gregg Shorthand. There is some guidance in the earlier material, such as the 1916 Manual and the related Qs and As book (1924). But what about Simplified?

Rich Harrison recently pointed out that certain texts are available on the Open Library. I had a look at "Gregg Speed Building Simplified", and there, at the beginning of each chapter, are the principles for omitting minor vowels in Simplified; these principles are probably also relevant to other versions of Gregg Shorthand.

I have attached a summary I made for my own reference; please feel free to use this if you wish (and let me know if there are any mistakes).

Attachment: Omission of Minor Vowels (Simplified)

Note: this topic really is only for those of us who can't cope without knowing all the rules!

Rich's comment is found here:

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