Getting into Gregg again

I am writing this post with the hope of learning what others are doing or have done to revamp their GS skills.

Here's my story.  I began learning Gregg Shorthand several years ago.  I started right here (the old site).  I went back and forth at first between simplified and anniversary.  After a few attempts to begin and then deciding on a different version, I finally settled on anni.  I went all the way through the functional method manuals and into the functional method dictation manual.  Somewhere along the way, like lesson 22,  I stopped studying.

I still write in GS Anniversary but am very slow.  So what i am doing is starting again by going to the beginning of the FM Dictation manual and moving through it.  I am taking serious the first four lines of review making sure i understand the principles.  I am following this with reading the entire lesson until i can get through it with ease.  Then I am copying the lesson once.  Finally I will take dictation first from part of the lesson and then graded matter. The graded matter will give way to easy business letters.  My goal is to get through the FM Dictation manual and have a speed of over 100 wpm.

If you have or are planning on re-uping your GS study i would love to hear what has worked for you or what your plan is.