Need tips for studying Anni from the Functional Method manuals pls...

I have chosen Anniversary as my version to learn !!!  Whew... that decision is out of the way.

Please give me some advice for studying from the Functional Method books.

I remember.... from my brief start 2 years ago.... that there is no writing of shorthand until Assignment 22.... just reading.

And I know that reading each section several times until I can read the outlines without hesitation is the goal.

Any additional tips?   I do have several of the books that run with the chapters in the regular Anni manual i.e. Speed Studies 3rd edition, Graded Readings, Progressive Exercises, etc. 

Should I dive into those right away?   I know that they follow the regular Anni manual's chapters, but I think if I finish Chapter 1 in the Functional Manual (not just Assignment 1, but all of Chapter 1), then the chapters in Speed Studies, Graded Readings, etc.  should correspond to the chapters in the Functional Manual.   Is that correct?

All tips and advice are greatly appreciated !!! TIA   I'm going to do Assignment 1 today..... :-)