Stenoscript Shorthand by George Oliver

I saw that there had been some mention of Stenoscript Shorthand by George Oliver on the forum. I've had a copy of this system for quite a few years now, and thought it would be good to post a something about it as well as pass it along to Carlos, so that - hopefully - any forum members may be able to look into it further if they wish and see what they make of it.

I could not find a copy of it on the internet at all, only a brief mention on a Bulgarian forum. I think it was published about 1931. It is a script system, that is to say, it tries to keep as close as possible to the natural movements of the hand when engaged in regular longhand writing, and as such stands in contrast to Pitmanic systems which are based on the geometry of the circle and line.

The system aims at brevity and legibility not by producing exceedingly brief outlines, but by producing outlines which are easy for the hand to execute, and thus fast for the hand to pen down. Unlike most geometric systems there is a virtual absence of obtuse angles (I don't think there are any!) to be made in forming shorthand outlines.

The vowels - as one would expect in a script system - are represented 'in-line' so to speak, and not by seperate marks. The system can represent 15 vowel, including compound-vowel, sounds. I must say I find Stenoscript easy on the eye.. different to look at than Sweet's Current Shorthand, but just about as attractive.

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