Just Saying Hi! (From a Centennial Writer) and also a Few Questions

Hi everyone! It's my first time posting on this blog ever since I joined about three months ago. My name is Matthew and I'm 18 years old, from the Philippines. I actually discovered this blog a year ago but was just able to join a few months back since I don't know how to. Sorry for not being able to post as soon as possible since I'm still in college (I'm on my graduating year so I'm really busy at the university). I'm also attending my OJT when Carlos accepted my request for access so the most that I could do was to read the new posts if I have time. Anyway, I'm really happy to discover this blog 'cause at least, I found out that shorthand, as a way and art of writing, hasn't really died and is still being enjoyed and propagated by enthusiasts like many of you (including me, of course. HAHA!).

By the way, as what I've put in the title, I am a Centennial Writer. I learned shorthand when it was offered to us as an elective during my third year in high school. We weren't able to finish the theory during that time (it was only up to lesson 9 of the Centennial college book since the Steno class is just done once a week and the subject didn't continue to be taught the following year) but shorthand really sparked my interest so I studied it by myself. Since I don't know this blog as a resource back then and I don't have a teacher or a friend who has the interest to continue studying shorthand with me (my high school Steno teacher is busy and we're not that really close), I think the way on how I studied shorthand wasn't really good. Nevertheless, I can say that I'm somewhat proficient with the Centennial theory as of the moment, though not really a fast writer. Shorthand has been really helpful to me this college, especially when taking down notes in class and various talks or getting some data for my undergrad thesis. 

Just a few questions: How did you discover Gregg shorthand? Basing from what I've read from the older posts (I'm back-reading old posts, actually), a lot of you took it at college or high school but what about those who haven't? At present, I'm doing dictations though I think I'm struggling past 100 or 110wpm. Actually, I don't think I'm doing my dictations right. Any suggestions? 

P.S. Sorry for the long post. I'll try to make my post shorter next time. This is my first so kindly forgive me. :D I'm really looking forward to talk with everyone of you, though I can't guarantee that I would be online all the time. Thanks for this blog! HAHA.