Notehand Dictionary (textual)

Here is the Notehand textual dictionary that I created for my homeschool students.  Every word that is found in the 1st edition of the Notehand textbook has been included in this dictionary, along with the page number in the textbook where you can find the outline.  I've also included the technical terms found in the appendix of The Essentials of Gregg Notehand:  Intensive Theory & Practice.

Since a dictionary for Notehand was never published, this .pdf is the closest you'll come to having an actual dictionary for Notehand.  At this stage, this document only includes the textual spellings and not the actual outlines.  I plan to print it out and hand-letter the outlines on my own copy as time permits (my shorthand is less than exemplary, so I'd invite those interested in Notehand to do the same).  In time, when it's finished, I may scan in my copy, but we'll see.  Anyway, this represents every spare moment I had during the spring/summer of 2015 (a definite labor of love for my kids, and a great learning experience for me!)  So enjoy!

To access, click on this link.

My next hope is to create audio dictation files just for Notehand, but I have to work out the technical logistics.  This is another project that will take a lot of time, though.  But I'm pretty serious about trying to bring Notehand to the upcoming generation and to find interesting and updated ways of teaching it.

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