100-year old diary of WWI soldier -- in shorthand!

This article is from last year.  It appears to be Pitman shorthand.

Museum uncovers 100-year-old diaries of WWI soldier ... but has no idea what they say because they're written in SHORTHAND

Do any of you keep a journal in shorthand?  And if you do, do you worry that your future descendants won't be able to read it (or is that a plus?)  I started keeping my journal in notehand beginning in June, so I have been thinking about this concern a lot.  I also do genealogy, so I wonder if this is the best way to preserve my thoughts for future generations-- yet I can't resist wanting to keep going in notehand (especially in a world of diminishing privacy, it's nice to have one level of privacy in my life somewhere).  At least I'm teaching notehand to my kids, so maybe they'll be able to transcribe it one day if the need arises...

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