Calculating Dictation Speed While Recording

I've begun recording dictation mp3 files for Gregg Notehand (you can listen to the first two files for Unit 2 at this link).  Notehand doesn't concern itself with training for speed per se, yet I would like to know how to calculate my recording speed and supply that information if at all possible.  For instance, if I want to record my speech at, say, 40 wpm, how would I regulate my speaking speed as I record to know that I am, in fact, speaking/recording at 40 wpm?  I'm doing these recordings in Audacity, which I know is speed-adjustable after-the-fact to some extent (though I don't think I can just type in a number and tell it exact wpm, though I'm not sure-- I'm still getting to know the program).  I plan to make dictation recordings for the entire Notehand text, but before I get too far into it, I was just looking for some direction on how to go about it.  Notehand supplies the wordcount for all its Reading & Writing Practices in the key, so I don't need to calculate that.  I just need to know how to calculate my own speaking speed so I can try to be consistent.  Thanks for any help!

By the way, these files are in Evernote.  Let me know if you can even listen to them in this format (click on the paperclips).  Thanks!

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