Question regarding Forkner shorthand

This question is for Forkner shorthand (or any other alphabetic shorthand) writers.

Does it matter if one does not follow exact recommendations for streamline alphabet letters?
In my case Forkner f is so different from what I have been writing f. In particular its bottom loop is causing me troubles (not insurmountable but annoying).

Another question is that apostrophe comma (don't know the proper name for this sign '
that is used to denote the sound of a is also used in the word small. This may need some more explanation.
Forkner uses ' for all a-sounds like Gregg uses big circle, and underwritten comma for o-sounds (like Gregg uses hook). So why in the word "small" uses ' instead of underwritten comma.
This page shows what I mean (it is at the bottom - in vocabulary building);view=1up;seq=22


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