30 December 2015

Gregg Ruled Steno Paper On Sale

Gregg Ruled Steno Paper On Sale I make my own steno pads using Levenger's Circa punched paper.  It's on sale now at:  http://www.levenger.com/CIRCA-326/CIRCA-REFI...

23 December 2015

All That Listens Is Not Old

This Christmas-themed short story, written in Diamond Jubilee, was published in the December 1965 Today’s Secretary. Attachment: All_Tha...

20 December 2015

Anniversary Manual Table of Contents TOC *FOR THEORY*

Gregg Shorthand Anniversary Manual Table Of Contents for Theory Collected by Steven Bhardwaj 2015-12-20

14 December 2015

Question regarding Forkner shorthand

This question is for Forkner shorthand (or any other alphabetic shorthand) writers. Does it matter if one does not follow exact recommenda...

13 December 2015

Comparing Outlines in Three Versions of Gregg

In trying to quantify how much difference there is between the outlines in Simplified, Diamond Jubilee and Notehand, I compared their outli...

10 December 2015

A Notehand Study from 1969

A Notehand Study from 1969 Interlibrary loan came through for me once again.  I was able to check out this master's thesis from the University of North Dakota for ...

04 December 2015

Hi Everyone

Hello. My name is Lisa I just joined. I'm glad to find this site, because I learned shorthand in school (Diamond Jubilee) and am just st...

Onomatopoeia in Anni?

Onomatopoeia in Anni? Onomatopoeia... anyone know how to do it? Specifically, I would like to write syllables with precise vowel sounds using the Anniversary vo...

01 December 2015


This beautiful selection about Christmas was written in Pre-Anniversary and appeared in the December 1928 issue of The Gregg Writer. Att...

Lighthouse Illumination

This article written in Anniversary appeared in the December 1930 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: lighthouse-illumination.pdf

Working and Doing

This article written by Mr. Henry Ford that originally appeared in the Dearborn Independent was written in Pre-Anniversary for the December...

A Job for Cinderella

The following story written in Simplified was serialized in the November and December 1950 issues of Today's Secretary. Attachment: a...

Penmanship Practice - December 2015

Penmanship Practice - December 2015 From the December 1950 issue of Today's Secretary. Click here for a full view.