Table of Two-Morpheme Outlines (Anni)

I constructed the linked spreadsheet from the reverse dictionary, by unknown author, provided by "Cricket", that Rich Harrison pointed out last month.

Editable spreadsheet:

Simpler web-viewable spreadsheet:

Basically, it's a square table, whose axes are all the morphemes listed by Cricket for their reverse dictionary of Anni-Gregg. My goal was to make a matrix of two-morpheme outlines as a study tool.

It has already proved useful, just looking at the four entries in the top-left-most corner:

public, publish
bbankrupt(DJS Expert)

I find it useful to know that the Anniversary "canon" (for lack of a better term?) doesn't define anything for p-p, b-p, or b-b. Modern colloquial American English has the word "bub", short for "bubba", which I suppose would be written as b-b by the standard feature of dropping the short u (ĘŚ). But other than that, these combinations seem to be fair game for convenient on-the-fly briefs, personal-use briefs, or general abbreviations.

I constructed this mechanically by using "reverse-lookup" functions in LibreOffice. So if the reverse dictionary's outline was "p-b", then it would show up, while anything with more morphemes was ignored. The original dictionary has 7654 entries, while this spreadsheet has 524 entries.

I "protected" the first spreadsheet tab showing the raw table, but of course it is still available for download etc. I added an additional tab as a sandbox if anyone is interested in continuing to work on it in any way, for any style of shorthand, using canon or "bespoke" briefs.  :D


(See Cricket's post for (lack) of information on authorship of the source material, etc.)