Gregg Shorthand Junior Manual

Here's another elusive gem.  I believe Carlos mentioned there are 3 different editions of this text... this one is from 1927.  Supposedly there was an accompanying Junior Readings in Gregg Shorthand, too (sorry, I don't have that one).  This volume was intended for personal use (as opposed to vocational) shorthand and the target audience was junior high students.  So this is another early version of Notehand, you could say.

There are 12 lessons, each containing 3 units-- and each unit is further split up into exercises intended for one 40-45 minute period of study, 3 periods per week.  The introduction states it can be completed in 30 weeks (or about 10 months' if you do about one lesson per month).

I really love the drills in this book, something they dropped in the later Notehand texts (though they had something somewhat similar in Notehand called evolution drills which was word expansion exercises). 

Attachment: Junior Manual

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