Diary of a WWI Soldier

I received a request for assistance in the transcription of some shorthand notes from a diary of a British WWI soldier.

Mr. William Pritchett fought in France during WWI and ended up a prisoner of war in Germany. He kept a diary: most of it is in plain English, but some parts are written in Malone's Script Phonography. His grandson kept the diary and requested a third party to transcribe the complete diary, who upon finding the shorthand notes, contacted me. Luckily, we also have a letter that Mr. Pritchett sent to the British War Office in 1919 explaining the circumstances of his capture. With it were pages from a notebook with a copy of the letter written in shorthand -- so we have sort of a "Rosetta Stone" to start with. The only pages in the diary with shorthand are those that I'm posting. I'm also including a list of brief forms that Pritchett appears to use -- the list was compiled by the gentleman who asked for shorthand help.

Is there anyone in the blog that can read Script Phonography, or that is motivated to take a stab at this? Overall, I think this is a doable project, but requires some time if one is not versed in Malone's shorthand. Feel free to use the blog to write your attempts.

Attachment: pritchett-diary.pdf
Attachment: pritchett-letter-and-transcription.pdf
Attachment: pritchett-alphabet-brief-forms-list.pdf
Attachment: pritchett-diary-first-two-pages-hires.pdf 

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