Voynich Manuscript

I recently stumbled across an interesting documentary on Amazon Prime called The Voynich Code:  The World's Most Mysterious Manuscript.  No one has been able to crack its code -- is it shorthand?  Encrypted text?  Gibberish?  Even the illustrations are other-worldly.  Some wonder if the author was the young Leonardo DaVinci, but no one really knows for sure (it was written from left to right, like he did).  It seems to date from Renaissance times.  Wikipedia has some good introductory info about it if you'd like to know more.

A .pdf copy is available here. 

Better hi-res scans of its pages are available to see here, though, which you can zoom in on for a closer look.

eta:  here it is mentioned in current events.

Voynich Manuscript (175).jpg

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