Centennial and Series 90 Publications and course of study

I'm creating a new post since my question diverges considerably from the original topic ("How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain," reading article, Sept 2016, post 2.a):

That "re-introduction of incl-" ..I might like to get my hands on some Centennial books to see specifically what other surprises there might be though few. I wonder if you or someone would be able to help me understand which books were put out?

From what I can tell searching online there are:

Gregg Shorthand College Book 1, 2, 3
Gregg Shorthand Dictation and Transcription
Gregg Shorthand Basic Principles

There does not appear to be a "functional method" for Centennial.

Also, I've been using Series 90 Functional Method which of course has a key and I would like to get either of:

"Gregg Speed Building Series 90"
"Gregg Shorthand for Colleges, Speed Building, Series 90"

I assume they are an intermediate between the functional method or other course text and "Gregg Expert Speed Building" (for S90) which I also have (also no key, unfortunately). Do you know if either has a key?

Finally, I have "Shorthand for Colleges Vol 2, Series 90",(no key). But I'm wondering if the material here is possibly the same as what's in the functional method in which case I wouldn't need to track one down.

Thanks for any help you can provide, as I know these are tedious questions! I'm getting better at understanding the Gregg publications but not there yet.

PS I assume we afford the keys to the texts the same copyright protection (in terms of not posting them for download) as the texts.

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