Introduction and Study Buddy

Hello friends!

My name is Stephen, and I'm a budding Gregg (simplified) enthusiast, a student, a photographer, and a shy esperantist (mi estas eterna komencanto).

I was welcomed many months ago, and my efforts have waxed and waned as life continues to create obstacles to my shorthand study. Most were self imposed. Perhaps you can relate. :)

I began my study of shorthand to be a better student and take more complete notes. I'm also fascinated by such an incredible technology. I wish I could find a teacher. If I could, I would do an independent study and get credit towards my degree!

Luckily for me, I have a friend who is equally enthralled by Gregg and its elegance, and I'm wondering how I can take full advantage of having a study buddy. Any ideas? We are going to write each other letters and such, and we try to practice together, though we have yet to find a good study rhythm.

Thank you all. Be well.