28 June 2016

List of Available Online Gregg Writer Magazines

The following is a list of Gregg magazines that have been scanned and are available online as .pdf docs.  If you know of any others, please ...

26 June 2016

Gregg Writer (Vol. XV)

I don't know if this has already been posted (I checked the tags and didn't see it, at least), but Volume XV of the Gregg Writer (wh...

25 June 2016

Receipts found in Shorthand Simplified from 1960

Receipts found in Shorthand Simplified from 1960 Found these receipts in a used shorthand book I bought in recent years.  Thought you might find them interesting!

19 June 2016

Malone's "Script Phonography"

Malone's "Script Phonography" If you've read any biographical information about Dr. Gregg, you'll know that when he was quite young he had a legal dispute with Th...

17 June 2016

The Legends of Shorthand

The Legends of Shorthand I just found this book in Amazon and eBay. Mr. Tursi is President of the NY State Court Reporter's Association, and founder, director...

Simplified outline help, please?

I'm on the Reading and Writing Practice 345 and stumped as to two outlines. The sentence before and after reads: You can be sure only if...

15 June 2016

Field Notes Byline Reporter's Notebook

If there are any Gregg reporters here, you might find this new special edition reporting notebook interesting.  CBS reporter John Dickerson ...

14 June 2016

The Public Stenographer (1934)

The Public Stenographer (1934) Here's a little movie for ya!  Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODD-ykX_ZiM

12 June 2016

Practical Drills & Notemaking Exercises for Gregg Notehand

Practical Drills & Notemaking Exercises for Gregg Notehand Here's yet another elusive gem for Notehand.  This is a consumable workbook with perforated pages intended specifically for the 2nd edit...

Gregg Shorthand Junior Manual

Gregg Shorthand Junior Manual Here's another elusive gem.  I believe Carlos mentioned there are 3 different editions of this text... this one is from 1927.  Supposedl...

07 June 2016

Luathscríbhinn Gregg

Last night, I got a new book from Dublin, the Irish adaptation of Gregg Shorthand, which in their language is called "Luathscríbhinn Gr...

05 June 2016

Sherlock shorthand sightings

I stumbled across a blogger on Tumblr (Bug Catcher in Viridian Forest) who has compiled some shorthand sightings from both the Sherlock Holm...

04 June 2016

Anniversary Dictionary

If anyone (within the US) is interested in an Anniversary dictionary for free (first come, first served), contact me by clicking on About , ...

01 June 2016

Strange Wedding Stories

June is the most popular wedding month; it derives its name from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. It was thought that couples who mar...


This entertaining story written in Anniversary appeared in the June 1941 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: dictation.pdf

The Easy Way

This story written in Simplified appeared in the June 1957 issue of Today's Secretary. Attachment: the-easy-way.pdf

Penmanship Practice - June 2015

Penmanship Practice - June 2015     From the June 1941 issue of The Gregg Writer. Click here for a full view.