01 February 2017

Success in Shorthand

This article first appeared in The Gregg Writer and was further included in the first edition of Gregg Speed Studies. It gives very sage advice as to how to improve your shorthand skills. I rewrote it and present it here in Anniversary, Simplified, and Centennial Gregg.

Attachment: success-in-shorthand-anniversary.pdf
Attachment: success-in-shorthand-simplified.pdf
Attachment: success-in-shorthand-centennial.pdf
Attachment: success-in-shorthand-transcript.pdf


  1. It's great having this written out in the different versions. I was wondering if you also had a transcript for the selection available. I'm still rusty and find there are some words I can't quite transcribe yet.Thank you, Carlos.

  2. I downloaded the simplified version. I learned DJS so it's a little more work for me to figure it out and I'm finding even with the context considered, I'm not getting all the words.

    1. Did you try the Centennial version? It is closer to DJS.

      In the meantime, I'll look for the transcript.

    2. I have uploaded the transcript. It was taken from the Teacher's Key to Gregg Speed Studies: With Suggestions for Handling. The key corresponds to the first edition (1917) of Gregg Speed Studies.


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