14 March 2017

"The Gregg Writer"

I recently purchased several issues of "The Gregg Writer" from 1930s and 1940s.  I removed the pages that were of interest to me, ...

08 March 2017

The Q's and A's of Shorthand Theory

I've retypeset the Q's and A's of Shorthand Theory. I've added hyperlinks to the contents. There are some spacing issues tha...

Font used in the various Gregg publications

Does anyone know the fonts used in the various Gregg publications, for instance the Gregg Writer, the Pre-Anniversary and Anniversary manual...

07 March 2017


The Q's and A's of Shorthand Theory mentions the expression he-was-in-there (answer 65). How would this expression be written? With ...

``of the'', ``to'', indication of ``ing''

How come the Pre-Anniversary rules for omitting ``of the'' (paragraph 84) and ``to'' (paragraph 86) and for indicating ``ing...

06 March 2017

How to write ``fired''

How would you write ``fired'' in Anniversary? Joining the d to the reversed i seems awkward.

04 March 2017

Phrase ``I had''

The loop in the phrase ``I had'' is written in a clockwise motion, correct?

01 March 2017

The Unicorn in the Garden

The Unicorn in the Garden Here is this wonderful modern fable by the American humorist James Thurber and written by me in Centennial for the blog. Attachment: th...

The Blow

The Blow The famous explorer, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, wrote several books and articles describing his explorations in Antarctica, the coldest...

The Great Musician

The Great Musician Here is the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, as retold by British-born American writer Olivia Coolidge. I rewrote it for the blog in Simplif...

Penmanship Practice - March 2017

Penmanship Practice - March 2017 Click here for a full view.