Reviving Greggory

I've been reading on about Greggory, Tyler's revolutionary text-to-Gregg translator. Unfortunately, I've only seen posts from 2004 at the latest. This project may have been stagnant by now, so I decided I might revive it. Also, because apparently it was on the old MSN group, I haven't tried his program.

So I wrote myself a program that will translate from text to Gregg (Anniversary; it's the only version I know well). Right now, I have finished a prototype for text to AGS (ASCII Gregg Shorthand), but I'm not so sure if it works properly just yet. For the pronunciation part I used the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, but I'm having problems with the prefixes and suffixes and other stuff.

For those who are interested, I have attached an EXE file that you can run on Windows here.
If you have Python 3.x installed on your system (NOTE: it has to be 3.x, not 2.x or 1.x. They won't work.), I have a lighter version (with source code!) at unzip into any folder and run
"" or "shorthand.exe", depending on which one you downloaded."shorthand.exe"

I haven't tested it thoroughly, so please give me some updates as to how it's working. I expect to be done with the outline generation in a few weeks.
                     -- Chance

(by Chance for group greggshorthand)

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